Part 135 AIR CHARTER Software

[Currently unavailable.  It is not known when this air charter software will again be available.]Air Charter Software

This Part 135 air charter software will be especially useful to prospective charter operators seeking regulatory approvals, to established operators who have not yet added computer applications in support of their day-to-day administrative responsibilities  or who wish to augment or backup their current software, and to other operators who want to upgrade and streamline their charter office procedures.  The programs include –

    • Charter Quoting Software
    • Preflight Planning Support Data
    • Load Manifests / Weight and Balance
    • Computerized Flight and Duty Records

This software has received **FSDO approvals with minimal modifications, and is recommended for prospective charter operators as well as for established departments seeking to become more competitive by streamlining their technical and administrative procedures.

Prepare Highly Accurate Quotes and Preflight Planning Support Data

The Itemized Quotes program computes and displays flight segment data as well as overall trip itemized costs.

Run Quotes Based on Direct or Non-Direct Routing

Many flight segments cannot be flown DIRECT because of airspace, terrain or ATC limitations and requirements.  This software allows you to run quotes based on the exact route that will be flown including all navaids and other fixes along the route.

The FlightComp Systems Route Planning Program includes tools for planning, saving and automatically retrieving detailed IFR and/or VFR non-direct routes.   This means that you can run quotes based on the actual IFR or VFR route that will be flown, not just DIRECT between the two airports.

See Detailed Airport Data on the Quote Page

Segment data includes aircraft cost (per hour), distance, flight time, destination airport arrival time.   Departure and destination airport data (airport fuel, runway lighting, type of approach, longest runway, airport elevation) and time of sunrise/sunset or civil twilight are displayed as ToolTip* displays in conjunction with the associated segment airport text boxes.

Select Aircraft Cost Based on ‘Per Hour’ or ‘Per Statute Mile’

Itemized Costs include aircraft cost (selectable as per hour or per statute mile), referral discount, aircraft cost with discount, ground operations charges, surcharges, additional pilot cost, Federal Air Transportation percentage and domestic-segment taxes, and airport fees and expenses as entered by the operator.

Select Preflight Planning Support Data

The Preflight Planning Support program is accessed from the Itemized Quotes  program and performs navigational computations based on highly-detailed aircraft performance data and a large airport database.  The program calculates and displays segment distances, headings, courses, speeds, fuel-flows, and accurate flight time and fuel usage estimates.

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Prepare Complete Load Manifests
Including Weight and Balance

Run ‘Part 135 Ready’ Load Manifest Printouts

The Load Manifest program provides tools for preparing a complete load manifest, including weight and balance, suitably formatted for Part 135.

Use the Pre-Loaded Aircraft Database and/or Add Your Own Aircraft

The program includes an aircraft database with generic data for many popular general aviation aircraft.  You can easily modify the generic data and/or add most general aviation aircraft having a seating capacity of up to 9, exclusive of any pilot seat.

Manifest Front Page, Flight Plan – Reverse Side, Weight and Balance

 The completed load manifest includes a front page with a completely filled-out FAA Flight Plan form, crew list, passenger list, and aircraft maintenance status.

The reverse side of the load manifest form consists of detailed weight and balance data and computations, and a graphic-type display of the aircraft weight and balance envelope with the computed takeoff and landing CG’s plotted against the computed takeoff and landing gross weights.

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Simplify the Preparation and Monitoring
Your Flight and Duty Records

Make Use of the Duty Record On-Screen Displays for Planning and Save the Hard-Copy Printouts as Records

The program retrieves the duty and flight time data entered by each flight crew-member in the Pilot’s Flight Duty Log on a daily basis and displays the data in an on-screen 7-day Duty Record, as a hard-copy printout for saving as a record, or as a Chronological Flight Listing.

Duty Records Include All Required Regulatory Data

These duty records display all of the data needed to demonstrate compliance with FAR 135.267 – Flight time limitations and rest requirements: Unscheduled one- and two-pilot crews, and the general and night recent experience requirements of FAR 61.57(a)(b) – Recent Flight Experience: Pilot-in-Command, and FAR 135.247 – Pilot Qualifications: Recent Experience.

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* Small label that is displayed when the mouse pointer is held over a text box, label, command button or other control for a set length of time.


FAR:  Federal Aviation Regulation